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  Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers here!
  1. What do I need to rent a buggy?
  2. Can we change drivers?
  3. Can I take something to drink with me in the dune buggy?
  4. Will I get lost?
  5. How will I know when my time is up?
  6. What if I get stuck?
  7. How old do you have to be?
  8. How fast are the dune buggies?
  9. Will I get sand on me?
  10. "I am a good driver and will not have an accident. Why do I have to pay a security deposit?"
  11. Can these buggies flip over?
  12. Are these buggies safe?
  13. Can we take children in the buggies?
  14. Will the sand dunes be crowded?
  15. I wish to take my SUV or 4WD vehicle on the dunes. What do I need?
  16. Why are the rentals so expensive?
  17. Still have more questions?
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